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Terrible Day of Darkness

Today was one of the darkest days I've experienced in a long time and it is all because if this:

This will ruin anyone's entire day and maybe even more.  It is simply terrible and no one should click on it unless they wish to explore depths of darkness:


At first, my reaction was sadness and rage at seeing the videos.  I was thinking that this kid deserved to be shot.  As my anger slowly wore off, I began to think more deeply about this tragedy.  What would cause someone to act like this?  Well yeah, some people are just fucked up.  But more times than not, I think environment plays a huge role.  I'm guessing this kid was sexually abused repeatedly or just completely ignored by his parents or something really bad that would cause him to act this way.  I found it most revealing when in the second video, he said something along the lines of "This is a kid, except this kid happens to be a cat and he is about to be initiated."  That statement reveals a lot.

The word initiation is used in very specific settings.  One initiated into a gang, or a fraternity, or a closed society of some sort.  There is a ceremony associated with all initiations.  He was seeing the cat as a child who was being "initiated."  Perhaps re-enacting a trauma he had experienced himself?  Instead of being the defenseless victim, he becomes the sadistic aggressor?  I don't know.  I can only guess.

I do know that Jeffrey Dahmer tortured animals when younger and then moved onto bigger things later in life.  I know lots of adolescent males engage in similar behavior, but there was something very extreme about this incident.  There is something in this kid that is really pure evil.

I, like most people, are more traumatized by seeing a defenseless animal abused than seeing a human abused or suffering.  I'm not happy to see human suffering, but animals are innocent creatures.  Humans are not.  Humans are on track to destroy this earth before its time.  Animals have always lived in balance with nature.  Call me a misanthrope, and I will proudly accept the title.  I am not happy to see animals slaughtered for food, and I hope we will evolve past it, but I understand it.  I even understand why some may torture animals, but I'll never accept it.

Fuck that kid man.  I don't care what happened to him.  You don't treat animals like that.

This day sucked because of seeing this shit.  But as the day comes to a close I realize that I must venture into the darkness sometimes.  So much of the time people want to ignore all the fucked up shit in the world and stay on the surface.  They never achieve any depth in their lives.  They'll never inspire anyone.  I know I have to periodically delve into the depths of darkness because when I come out my light is brighter.

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