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Me Tell Ya, It's a Cosmic, yeah, eetz a Cosmic Force

Today was a pretty good day.  I read more American Gods on the balcony of my apartment and got a bit of a sunburn.  It will go from red to brown in about 3 days.  I always get a sunburn every year once or twice in late spring and then I’m good for the rest of the summer.  My grandmother on my dad’s side had very dark skin.  As a child I even asked her, grandma why is your skin so dark?  She said in her thick German accent, “When your grandpa brought me over here from Germany, all da people said I was a nigger!  I had to prove to them that I was a white person!”  I laughed.  Silly grandma.

Well I got two new pictures framed and put up in my apartment.  One is in the kitchen and is a nice shot of downtown Seattle with Mount Rainier in the background.  The other is a color print of the Camille Flammarion woodcut of a pilgrim looking into the cosmos.  It’s SOOOO cool.  I like it for it’s symbolism, because that’s what I’m trying to do!  I want to see what’s going on on the other side!  I guess I really don’t want to know that bad because I would totally be doing a ton of heroin if I was serious about it.  I think drugs can help you get an idea of what’s going on on the other side.  I don’t want to fuck up my life though so I generally stay away from drugs, but I realize that also keeps me a long distance from coming to many cosmic understandings.

I’m watching a series of lectures on google video by David Icke called Freedom or Fascism.  He’s a pretty good presenter.  Definitely an alternative viewpoint.  I’m right there with him up to the reptilian part of his thesis.  It’s a big jump, but I remain open-minded.  I have often had thoughts that this entire planet is the property of an alien species.  They could have actually genetically engineered humankind and are harvesting us because they feed on something that we produce - thoughts.  Our thoughts and emotions could actually be their food.  So they don’t want to destroy us because they would be destroying their own food source, but they definitely do not have our best interests in mind.  However, then I posit that there are forces infinitely more powerful than they are that indeed do have our best interests in mind.  We are kind of like ants to them though, so they can only really take so much time to help us out.  They generally will make sure that this other alien race will not totally fuck us all up.  But we are kind of already swiftly on the way to fucking ourselves up without any outside intervention.  I mean look at how fast we are destroying this planet.  I honestly do think that we need to practice some fucking birth control and also be as intelligent as possible about how we can to continue technological progress without destroying the environment in the process. 

Later, Laura and I went to south Seattle to one of my all-time favorite restaurants - Tagla Ethiopian.  It was exquisite as always.  A whole meal for two people for $16.00.  I left $30.00 because that’s at the very least what it was worth.

I want to talk once more about animal abuse issues.  I was so traumatized earlier this week when seeing those videos.  I am sickened by people who say things like, people only care when cute fuzzy animals are tortured or abused.  No one cares when a snake or a lizard it tortured or killed.  And also there are 30,000 people who die everyday due to starvation.  Well for one, I don’t like to see any being tortured or abused.  Number two, when humans suffer, it is different than when animals suffer.  Humans suffer only at the hands of other humans, or natural forces.  Animals can and do suffer at the hands of humans and that is a vulgar abuse of power.  Animals also suffer at the hands (or paws or teeth) of other animals and it is usually in the process of being eaten or in fighting with other animals of the same species for territory or mating privileges.  This is seen as natural, but occasionally animals are tortured by other animals.  For instance, before a younger cat eats a mouse it will quite often play (torture) the mouse extensively before consuming it.  Killer whales are notorious for torturing sea lions for no other reason than for sport and their own enjoyment.  We can only suspect this is “play” as brutal as it is.  The orcas will batter a sea lion for hours and leave it for dead in the ocean.  They often will not even eat the sea lion.  So basically even in nature, we can see torture and extreme brutality.  This type of behavior is just a part of life on this low-vibrating earth on which we live.  It is also a part of the human psyche that has been with humanity from the very beginning.  All this rationalization does not prevent me from feeling disgusted and enraged by animal torture and even torture to fellow humans.  I’m not in general very fond of the human species, but I still am not happy to see suffering.  I think the main thing is to just not create it in my life.  I don’t want anything to do with torture or suffering and I will not allow it in my life, and general, thankfully it does not find its way into my life.
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