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My run from my apartment in Kirkland to Juanita Beach along Lake Washington is becoming more of a routine for me these days since it’s finally warmer around here.  I find myself doing the run every few days now.  When I run outside a lot, I feel so great and happy.  I get an endorphin high after my running.  I run throughout the year, but for over half the year, since it is cold and rainy, I run on a treadmill in the gym.  Running inside is just not the same as running outdoors.  I plan on running outside regularly throughout the summer.

During my run today I thought about many things as usual.  I thought that my life would probably be more enjoyable if I had someone in my life that I was in love with and we liked to do similar things like going jogging, hiking, and listening to music and playing music.  I haven’t been very romantic in a long time.  I also thought about about the whole right and wrong thing again, and I started to think about moral relativity.  I mean I can’t argue that anything is right or wrong because any one action is always both good and bad and it depends on what one’s perspective is.  That’s why I like the Jane’s Addiction song Ain’t No Right .  Perry’s lyrics go, “Motherfuckin’ bad wind came, blew down my home, and now the green grass grows, motherfuckin’ bad wind came, blew down my home, goddamn goodness knows, where the green grass grows, there can’t be wrong, and goodness knows, there ain’t no right, ain’t no wrong now ain’t no right, there’s only pleasure and pain...” 

It really is all relative, but I’m beginning to think that the only true thing in this reality is EMOTION.  It is always pure.  If I see a kid torturing a cat, it doesn’t matter if it is wrong or right.  What matters is my emotion after seeing it.  My rage and sadness is all that matters and all that’s actually real.  This concept is summarized poetically by John Frusciante in his song, Your Pussy’s Glued to a Building on Fire when he sings, “The smile on my face isn’t always real, but the way you make me feel, it’s all that’s really real, you little duckhouse ....”

Today was a good day.  I’m making progress at work.  It takes time to refine oneself and one’s proficiency at any procedure.  Sometime I have to remind myself that things don’t happen overnight.  Slow and steady progress is the key and going back to analyze exactly what I’m doing and why, and think hard about how I can improve.  It’s the guaranteed formula for slow and steady progress and success.
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