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I Looked at You, I Know You Wanted to, Jump in the Pool, Jump in the Pool

Well, it looks like I’ll be working 10 days straight.  I just finished Day 7.  We’re one lab member short right now because Leslie is moving, and we are jam packed with patients, most of whom have special circumstances that cause us to have to perform a lot more complex work for them.

I’m waiting for my grill to cool down and I’m going to throw on some Hawaiian marinated chicken kabobs with pineapple.  Should be delicious.

Last night one of my coworkers threw a party at her and her husband’s place.  He is an older Microsoft guy.  Their home was beautiful.  Everyone talked, drank and enjoyed some amazing Indian food.  Then after dinner, her husband invited the guys downstairs to play pool and drink scotch. 

It was my worst performance of all time playing pool.  Even a retarded child could have easily beaten me at pool they way I was playing last night.  I only sunk like 4 balls the whole night and I missed a ton of incredibly easy shots.  It was beyond humorous, and just sad, really.  I’m suspecting that everyone assumed that I actually was hiding some sort of mental or physical disability to be playing that terribly.  I was embarrassed and felt like a total loser.  I made fun of myself and just played the clown.  Most of these guys were very good and had obviously had some practice playing pool.  I have played pool on maybe 20 occasions in my entire life, but that was still no excuse for how amazingly poorly I played last night.  It was good to get out of my comfort zone though and to acknowledge to myself just how incredibly lousy I am at so many things.

I feel like in general, I tend to be incredibly bad at anything I do.  I have to work so hard and practice so much in order to be even average at anything.  I’m not complaining because I’m thankful that I can improve.  Pretty much anything that I really work at, I can become somewhat decent at, and I think that’s the way for most people too.  I just think when most people start something new, they aren’t as pathetic at it as I generally am.

Okay I’m back from my meal.  It was indeed delicious.  I love grilling.  But what I love best about it, to be honest, is cooking for others.  So why don’t I do that more often?  Good question.  Laura, Sasha, Natalie, Sam, and Rachel will be coming over to my place in a week to enjoy some of my grilling.  I guess I miss grilling once or twice a week for Laura like I used to.

Meg is going to come visit me from Northern VA in a few months and we’ll hike up to Camp Muir on Mt. Rainier and go on an extended hiking and camping trip on the Olympic Peninsula.  I’m very much looking forward to it, and seeing her.  She brings out the fun side of me and is just so good at reminding me about the importance of having fun and enjoying life.  She’s someone who refuses to live inside her comfort zone.  I’ve taken the opposite path.  I’ve become closed-in and comfort has become my greatest pursuit.  I’ve basically shut myself off from being able to make any serious leaps and bounds in personal growth because of my new priorities.  It’s sad, but I’m just guessing that living in a poor African village cut off from society and information might become rather uncomfortable pretty quickly and I’d be wishing I was comfortable again and maybe not making as many strides in personal growth.  I dunno, maybe the grass is always greener on the other side.
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