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We dig for the bones of an idol when the will is gone

Yesterday was quite a day as I finally made it up to 10,080 feet up on Mt Rainier to the highest point where you can hike without a special permit, a helmet, and fee payment.  It’s a place high above the clouds called Camp Muir.  It was an amazing and unforgettable experience for sure.  I was hiking up, and then down the mountain from 10:30 AM to 5:00 PM.  The only problem was I got a terrible sunburn.  I thought that I’d been outside enough this year and was already too brown to even get a sunburn.  Of course I had to have a rude awakening.  Sunburns from snow/glacier reflection of the sun are very painful.  My face, head, neck, forearms, and knees were exposed and are causing me a stinging pain so it’s not very fun.  This is the kind of sunburn that I’m expecting will peel off in a week.  I haven’t had a sunburn this bad since I was around 20 or so.  Skin cancer here I come!

Aside form that, I began to get some intuitive feelings coming down the mountain.  I had my iPod blasting great music both hiking up and coming down the mountain which is usually enough to keep my spirits soaring.  Of course I was exhausted and severely sunburnt by the time I was making my way towards the bottom, but I just began to get some pretty bad intuitive feelings.  These feelings weren’t so much personal as they were concerning humanity as a whole.  Basically I’ve started to feel like bad things are brewing.  I’d like to deny it and just go about my daily life and try not to think bad thoughts, but my intuitive feelings regarding this seem to be getting stronger.  I hope my feelings are wrong, but the feeling I’m getting is evil is descending or rather maybe it’s ascending.

Spending the amount of time I spend alone can’t help things either.  I love being alone and I always have, but it can get to be too much after a while.  There is at least a possibility that my intuitive feelings are simply projections coming from my own psyche because I am not completely happy with my life and am spending too much time alone.  I just joined the Mountaineers, a very active local Northwest outdoors club.  That will help me meet some fellow outdoor enthusiasts.  I’ve also finally found a bi-weekly metaphysical discussion group in Seattle.  That will be another way that I can meet some new people.  Well enough with my gloom and doom.  The next two weekends will be 4 day weekends for me.  I’ll be getting away from it all along the Oregon coast for one of the weekends.  Maybe I’ll go to Montana for the other weekend but I’m not sure.
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