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Playing Songs and Dancing Along, Feeling Better, Feeling Better

Ha.  I’ve got my windows open and my whole apartment smells like ganja.  My neighbors seem to enjoy the sacred herb.  I think they’re African.  It definitely makes me want to enjoy a smoke.  It’s a been a pretty long time for me.

Today was kind of hardcore.  Up at 6:00 AM and worked 10 hours.  Tons of shit to do at work.  But unexpectedly, I found out today that I have the next two days off of work so that’s totally rad!  I have no idea what I’ll do.  But now I don’t have an excuse not to get drunk tonight.  The two guitarists in my last band and I are hanging out tonight.  Should be fun.

During my run down to Lake Washington today after work it was the most beautiful weather the world has ever seen.  Everyone was hanging out at the beach enjoying the warm sun.  I was running and listening to great music on my i-pod.  During my run I came to realize that in the dimensions of this reality, the polarity of good and evil do exist and they are very real.  Outside of this reality, they do not exist.  But while we’re here, we are confronted at every moment to take a stand on one side or the other.  Sometimes it is hard to tell what actions are good and which are evil.  And I do believe that there are grey areas where maybe an action is both good and bad or neither.  I mostly feel comfortable taking a stand on the side of light.  It’s the side of creativity.  However, as light cannot exist without darkness, creativity is only possible through destruction.  And at the most essential level, they are the same.  So it’s kind of impossible to escape the paradox as far as I can tell.

Sex is a combination of both light and darkness.  It is humans at their most animalistic level.  No matter how cerebral or spiritual we try to get, it reminds us that we are indeed human and yes, animals.  For some, it seems that there is often aggression and even violence associated with sexual acts.  I’ve had many experiences with these “dark” forces being a part of the act.  Sometimes it’s been serious and sometimes humorous.  Sometimes it’s been terrible and almost traumatic, to be honest.  I also believe I’ve had the privilege of sacred sex on many occasions, but only with a very limited number of partners.  During sacred sex, both partners’ bodies and skin vibrate at a very high frequency and you can come the closest you’ll ever come on this earth to feeling another human’s soul.  It is truly a beautiful experience.

Dreams last night were so fun.  Lots of playing - rafting with friends on the other side down crazy water hills and almost losing my hat, working at Best Buy again and seeing all the old friends I used to work with there summer of 2001, running away with friends on the other side from an extremely huge, white, and shaggy Swedish dog who may or may not have been a threat, and even smelling a masculine smell in my dream and explaining to someone in my dream that these smells often linger around guys - it’s just a fact of life, and remembering it as I was waking, and then later today smelling the earth-life version of this masculine smell in the front office at work.  It was emanating from a chair that one of the front office ladies sits in.  It was again proof that dreams are at least somewhat prophetic, and at the very least somehow connected to our daily waking life.

Well I’m going to start watching Part II of David Icke’s Freedom or Fascism and then probably get drunk wit my homies and listen to some death metal.  I’m going to create a sacred weekend for myself!
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